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What we Do was established in 2013, as international initiative of Centre of Croatian traditional instruments for promotion and preservation of worldwide bagpipe culture.
Within the Erasmus + project EUROPEAN BAGPIPE EDUCATIONAL FORUM – building EU methodology for preservation, playing and building of traditional bagpipe instruments we activate this initiative, and start to use it for promotion of project results and efficiant communication with wider bagpipe community. intend to be web platform for:

Presentation of bagpipe and bagpipers in Europe and worldwide

Sharing knowledge about making and playing bagpipes

Bagpipe festivals, education, publications

New Project

The Network of European Bagpipers

Erasmus+ program Cooperation partnerships in adult education project “The Network of European Bagpipers”, agreement Nr. 2022-1-LV01-KA220-ADU-000087403

Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH)  –  knowledge, practices and traditions of European citizens – is an essential part of Europe’s common cultural heritage, perhaps the most important. And traditional music is one of its brightest, most popular and visible areas.

Six organisations from different European countries, joined by similar objectives – to safeguard and to promote specific part of ICH (bagpipes playing and making tradition) have joined forces to strengthen both the capacity of their staff and organizations and to promote the knowledge and skills of their target groups, practitioners of ICH , in parallel with the specific goals of the project: promoting more active community activities and the formation of a more inclusive society.

Project partners are:

Suiti Cultural Heritage Foundation (Latvia) – Coordinating partner;

Centre of Croatian traditional instruments (Croatia);

Associazione culturale Multietnica (Italy);

Asociación Gaiteros de Graus (Spain);

Cech slovenskych gajdosov (Slovakia);

Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire (Georgia)

The main project objective will be achieved through various project activities, implementing the project in a diverse and effective way: project partners’ staff and practitioners training events in all partner countries, educational materials (intellectual outputs) created in the project such as:

Good practise examples booklet;

– Online summary of methodologies and approaches;

– Online training course.

Different activities (publications in websites, social networks, media etc. and informative seminars) are also envisaged to to ensure the dissemination of project results to as many target groups and stakeholders as possible.

The project will set up a European network of bagpipers, involving both the partner organizations themselves and practitioners of ICH, as well as other local and national level cooperation organizations, raising their competencies in nonformal adult education. The project will enable people from very different European countries to work together, thus raising their awareness of Europe’s common cultural heritage and strengthening their sense of belonging to it, as well as to their communities. Project duration is from 01.09.2022. – 31.08.2024., total budget 120 000 euro.


1. Meeting (LATVIA,08.-12.12.2022.)

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2. Meeting (GEORGIA, 01.- 06.04.2023.)

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3. Meeting (ITALY, 29.06.- 03.07.2023.)

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4. Meeting (CROATIA, 05.- 09.10.2023.)

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